Danseurs Citoyens Sud (DCS) is a Tunisian organization concerned with the youth and seeks through its projects to integrate them into public life and support the culture of dialogue among them, and also aims to strengthen their artistic abilities in the performing arts sector and help them develop their experiences and provide opportunities for them.

Email:  contact@o-dcs.org
phone number:  (+216) 70 634 405


  • Mouhamed Yahia Ghribi, the founder of Kanhakch, is a young activist who is passionate about journalism, content creation, storytelling, and photography.

  • Rim Ben Jouira is a journalist currently employed at a governmental media institution. With over two decades of experience in the field, she has explored diverse educational, cultural, and artistic programs. Presently, she dedicates her expertise to "Radio Sfax FM,"

  • Afef Ouederni is a field journalist who has worked in several written, audio, and visual media outlets. Throughout her career, which spans over a decade, she has covered numerous events in Ben Guerden, Medenine, and Tataouine, in addition to migration

  • Hanen Bengaied is a Tunisian citizen and media enthusiast. She embarked on her journey with "Irada" radio station in Ben Guerdane in 2019, and later with the "Jafara'' radio station, where she is currently active. She has undergone a series

  • Wiem Mkechri, currently pursuing her master's degree in English for media and journalism at the Higher Institute of Languages in Gabes, stands out for her passion for the field. Driven by a strong desire to enhance her skills, she actively

  • Abir Chakroun is a journalist hailing from Sfax with a 20-year experience in the field. Throughout her career, she has excelled as a presenter in various domains such as cultural media, public affairs, youth, and associations. Currently, she is working

  • Najia Beldi, also known as Jiji, is a Tunisian social activist with over 10 years of experience in the media sector. Her passion for media and journalism has been the driving force behind her career. In 2012, she started her

  • Wahid Dahech began his career as a reporter in 2018 with "Diwan FM" radio in Sfax. From there, his professional experiences expanded to include collaborations with several international news channels and websites such as DW and infomigrant. Initially, his goals

  • Naima Guenni is a talented designer and presenter hailing from Gabes with a 4-year experience in the media field. She has worked as a media coordinator for various events. Her journey in the media is not just a job, but