Danseurs Citoyens Sud (DCS) is a Tunisian organization concerned with the youth and seeks through its projects to integrate them into public life and support the culture of dialogue among them, and also aims to strengthen their artistic abilities in the performing arts sector and help them develop their experiences and provide opportunities for them.

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We believe that ART is a way of resistance


Danseurs Citoyens Sud (DCS) is a progressive youth movement from Tunisia founded in the form of an independent association on May 31, 2015... lEARN MORE




  • Danseurs Citoyens Sud organized the “Cultural Journalism Bootcamp 01” between January 29th and February 1st, 2024 at “No Name” artistic studio lab, Gabes, Tunisia. The camp brought together journalists, media professionals, and students interested in the field to promote the exchange

  • "Spontaneous Sensibility" is an art camp that took place from December 24th to December 27th, 2023, at "No Name Artistic Studio Lab" in Gabes, Tunisia.The bootcamp primarily emphasizes mobile topology, an educational and artistic concept implemented in public spaces through

  • “Spontaneous Sensibility” is an art bootcamp hosted by Danseurs Citoyens Sud organization from December 24 to December 27, 2023. During the bootcamp, participants explored and applied the concept of mobile topology in the region of Gabes through various artistic mediums,

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Danseurs Citoyens Sud is certified equivalent to US American charities by NGOsource, and our Equivalency Determination (ED) can be requested on their website here.