Danseurs Citoyens Sud (DCS) is a Tunisian organization concerned with the youth and seeks through its projects to integrate them into public life and support the culture of dialogue among them, and also aims to strengthen their artistic abilities in the performing arts sector and help them develop their experiences and provide opportunities for them.

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Contributing to the creation of a vital cultural scene in difficult and marginalized areas that helps achieve the principles of justice and equality among all Tunisians ++.


We look forward to a cohesive and diverse Tunisian society that contributes to the creation of leading cultural spaces in cultural and creative industries while ensuring the rights of citizens, particularly those in marginalized and difficult regions through supporting true cultural decentralization. Art is hereby employed as a means of resistance in the face of geopolitical transformations in the Arab region.


Help creative artists develop and activate
their artistic experiences
and create opportunities for them.

Focus on cultural advocacy among activists
and artists in Tunisia and the Arab region
to garner support, mobilize, raise community
awareness about social, human rights,
economic and cultural issues,
and support freedom of expression.

Work to create common and safe spaces
between cultural actors in the Arab region
and create crossborder partnerships aimed
at improving the quality of life, especially
for the most marginalized groups
concentrated in difficult areas.


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Danseurs Citoyens Sud is certified equivalent to US American charities by NGOsource, and our Equivalency Determination (ED) can be requested on their website here.