Danseurs Citoyens Sud is an organization that aims through its programs to integrate the youth into public life, support the culture of dialogue among them, and enhance their artistic capacities in the performing and visual art sectors.

Email:  contact@o-dcs.org
phone number:  (+216) 70 634 405

Cultural spaces that are safe for everyone, our concept is based on a pedagogical principle that says, “The exterior order of a child and young person helps build their own inner order.

Children and young people build their knowledge and awareness through contact and physical interaction with their environment, and that’s where the difference is, whether their environment is capable of arousing their interest to represent an element of exploration and a safe space.

And this is what our project will be about, considering the developmental characteristics of children and young people, of course.

Mobile topology is the embodiment of this pedagogical concept. It is an artistic and educational concept that is implemented in public spaces by concentrating geometric shapes and forms that contribute to unifying the collective participation of children and youth by dealing with them using the body and movement differently. This helps to instill spontaneous awareness among children and youth in understanding their environment and neighborhoods.

At the end of the project, a research study will be presented and shared in the form of a booklet on the role of spontaneous dancing and moving topology in developing the relationship between citizens and public space.