Danseurs Citoyens Sud is an organization that aims through its programs to integrate the youth into public life, support the culture of dialogue among them, and enhance their artistic capacities in the performing and visual art sectors.

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“MISAHAT NOUN” Exhibition. The idea of an art exhibition in general was on the table from the beginning, as one of the most recent events in the project. However, neither the artist nor pattern was determined from the outset, so we can track and inspect the first stations before deciding which path to take or the expressionism to choose. The output that we have obtained through reports, ratios, preparation and studies presented by the experts, as an example in the light of the experience of virtual reality, translates into reality an imbalance in society’s view of women in general as an entity in its own right or as a human race representing half or all of the universe. The inconsistency between the advertiser and the invisible, between the saying and the silence, between the apparent and the invisible, between truth and falsehood, is revealed. It was, in general, a very difficult and bitter exercise for all of us, giving us the veil and pulling the mask of a dysfunctional society with multiple aspirations toward a fragile being, devoid of existence and sick to its tiredness. Disgusting postures, violent images, voices, whips, in the dark, forgotten corners… Things happen before us every day here, and now, at every moment, we may take care of them, and they may pass untouched. They have become something simple and normal, because we have grown accustomed and trained ourselves on the idea that you cannot change the world. The tales that we hear from the attackers in cafes, bars and in public, the cases that are filed in court, the pain that remains in the chest of a girl who affected herself out of fear and terror. Has there been any talk from a girl that her father periodically tells her about a tumor in her head, and everyone lies and robs her? Has there been any talk from someone who is struggling and suffering from two things, and is struggling for absolute meat piles, and all eyes and tongues, so the neighborhood is full of her being stoned by an absence and slander? How do you turn all these tales into physical objects or gestures in an art gallery, put a finger on the performance or point at it to see — to think — to understand.. And it stops a little bit.. Much rather… The vision was to hold an exhibition mainly based on photographs and at the invitation of the department of visual arts for the artist and photographer Jilani Ben Cheikh, his involvement and commitment to humanitarian issues with his fast development in the content of the topics he presented. This was within the framework of an artistic stay of one and a half months in which the artist will try to present an art exhibition with various expressions, and mainly focusing on the photographic image in the space of NO NAME ARTISTIC STUDIO LAB.”

– Commissioner of the Exhibition and Director of Visual Arts Department: Mohamed Amine Hamouda.